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Enjoy high fidelity sound
throughout the home

Let DualTek fill your home with the sound of music. Listen to your favorite songs in any, or every, room of your home. Our recessed speakers blend seamlessly into any décor and can be installed anywhere – from your family room, master bedroom and ensuite, to your den or patio.

Multi-room systems

Our custom installed audio solutions allow you the freedom and flexibility to listen to and control music around your home from a centralized location. Imagine you’re in the den unwinding to a playlist of music from your laptop or tablet. Meanwhile your spouse is working out to their favorite album in the rec room and your kids are in the family room enjoying their music with some friends. All easily controlled from touch screens, keypads, remote controls, or even via apps on your tablet or smartphone.

Whether you want to play the same song throughout different areas of your home or play something different in certain rooms, DualTek has you covered.

Let us create the perfect audio solution to meet your needs. Contact DualTek today.

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