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Future wire your home

DualTek’s structured wiring and networking solutions offer you the ability to wire your home for high definition video, sound and data – from a central distribution panel to multiple locations throughout your living space. We can also fully integrate your home security and video surveillance systems. Our structured wiring runs through the inside of your walls – out of sight – the way it should be.

Imagine high-speed Internet access and connectivity to your local area network throughout your home. Access your email or make a VoIP call in the den or the bedroom; stream video, music or pictures from the Internet or NAS hard drive to the family room or rec room – whatever your requirements, we can work on-site to configure hard wired Ethernet and wireless networks.

We will provide you with the highest quality in structured wiring systems for that new dream home you are building (or renovating). In addition to improving the functionality of your home, structured wiring can potentially add thousands, or even tens of thousands, of dollars to its value.

Let DualTek connect you to work and play, easier and better. Contact DualTek today.

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